This week, Fernando Rodríguez has been appointed as the new president of the National Association of Auscultation and Technical Infrastructure Management Systems (AUSIGETI, its Spanish acronym). This gremial association, which focuses on the inspections, auscultation, and management of infrastructures, was born 10 years ago and has been presided until now by José Polimón, current vice-president of the Spanish Civil Engineers Institute. Fernando will also represent FHECOR within the association. Currently this role is assigned to Javier León.

Fernando is the right person to boost the activities of the association, related to Maintenance and Conservation Engineering in different sectors: hydraulic works, rail networks, roads and, of course, the structures that support them. The main goal is to persuade the public administration to be more involved in these activities; this is extremely important when the built heritage is quite large and the pass of time deteriorates it relentlessly.

At FHECOR, we are especially concern and interested in these important issues which, without any doubt, will be an increasing part of the engineer activity in the next few years. Congratulations Fernando!