New Barajas Airport opening


The President of the Government, José María Aznar, has inaugurated the new runways of Barajas Airport, and he was witness to the handing over of the New Satellite Building and New Terminal.

These runways will be operative as of January 2005.

With this expansion, Madrid Barajas will be considered an international hub airport, that is to say, it will replace the multiplicity of routes, by a system based on the coordinated connection of these in waves, that will guarantee both multiple and efficient connections.

With Barajas Airport operating as a hub airport, an exceptional world-wide connectivity will be obtained, the possible number of destinations will increase and the social and economic expectations will grow.

The expansion option chosen in the structure will allow greater efficiency in the taking off and landing operations, will be less noisy, will ease baggage collection, the distance between passengers and plane will be shorter, and with all this, the boarding time will be shorter too.

After visiting the new buildings and crossing a subterranean pass on an automatic train, Aznar emphasized the importance for Spain to have the most modern airport in Europe.

The President who was accompanied by the Civil Works Minister, Francisco Álvarez-Cascos, the President of the Comunidad de Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre and the Mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, pointed out that the Infrastructure Plan which was underway in Spain would placed Spain at "The Forefront of Europe" and thanked the construction companies for their work capacity.

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