The Deba masonry bridge, completed in 1866, is part of the Spanish Built Heritage since 2012. Last July, one of the piers of this bridge suffered a sudden descent as a consequence of the partial collapse of its foundation, composed of wood piles affected by a xylophage attack.

FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores and INJELAN have provided Gipuzkoa Provincial Council with Technical Support for the definition of the emergency works to be carried out in the bridge. These works consist of the underpinning of the two adjacent piers to the partially collapsed one with micropiles, and the laying of an upper girder capable to support the affected vaults, in order to proceed to their dismantling and their subsequent reconstruction.

The enclosed photograph depicts the process of launching of the steel truss girder, not yet completed.

These works have been carried out by FREYSSINET and the Construction Management is in charge of FHECOR and INJELAN.

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