Gladly, a couple of weeks ago, the ‘Pukamayu’ footbridge was successfully inaugurated, providing the population of Tarvita in Bolivia with a safe crossing of the Puka Mayu River. The footbridge connects the two halves of the town which are separated by the river, thus safely connecting various facilities such as the school with the sports center.

Although the most part of the year the water level is low, in the rain season, crossing the river becomes too risky. Now, thanks to the collaboration with Bridges To Prosperity, including the strong support of the local volunteers, crossing the river will no longer be dangerous.

Five volunteers of FHECOR worked together with five more colleagues of COWI and Sumitomo Co. to make this bridge a reality for the community. It was a great experience for the volunteers sharing two weeks of cultural exchange, working side by side with the locals. Furthermore, they enjoyed arranging activities in the primary and secondary school, and even participating in a small football league.

Fhecor is proud of its partnership with Bridges to Prosperity after three successful constructions in Nicaragua and Bolivia. We hope we can continue this alliance in the coming years.

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