The race for carbon-free energy at the ITER project site, which will become the largest nuclear fusion facility in the world, did not stop despite the latest global events. During the last months, the works have been focused on the completion of the Tokamak building. A banner celebrating its delivery has been affixed to the North façade of the colossal construction.
Moreover, inside this reactor building, the temporary 200-tonne lid covering the Tokamak pit was lifted, and stored for future uses, in a complex and precise erection maneuver. Then, the 1250-tonne cryostat was descended into the pit, in the heaviest of all the planned crane lifts during the construction. In the upcoming months, what lefts from the reactor will be assembled, expecting it will be able to contain the first plasma by 2025.
FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores has participated in these activities, as has been working for the Vinci Ferrovial Razel-Bec (VFR) consortium since 2013. We are very proud to contribute to this world-changing project in which 35 nations are collaborating economically and technically, in the quest for clean and renewable energy.
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