The new footbridge over C-35 road in Sant Celoni (Barcelona) was completed last August after the works started last October were halted until May due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The project also included widening an existing bridge over the Pertegàs stream, 400 meters north from the new footbridge. These new structures improve the pedestrian connection of Sant Celoni with its industrial park and the nature reserve of Montnegre.

The footbridge's most distinctive element is the curved steel box girder that spans over the C-35 with a free distance of 20 m. A parametric study was performed to achieve the bridge's curve layout, ensuring the constructive simplicity of this element with simple curvature plates.

Access ramps and stairs are incorporated into the design parallel to C-35 minimizing the affection to frontage roads. Other design features include structural continuity between most elements reducing the maintenance required, and a functional and aesthetic LED lighting system.

The construction project was developed by the JV FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores and IDP. FHECOR was commissioned to design the footbridge and the rest of the structures of the project.

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