For another year, FHECOR is happy to announce a new collaboration with the NGO Bridges to Prosperity (B2P). After a break year due to the global pandemic, a new team formed by our office colleagues from Madrid and Barcelona will travel to the municipality of Gasobo, Ruanda. The goal is to build a new footbridge to cross the Nyabugogo river to offer service to more than 2,062 local inhabitants. This footbridge will be named MARENGE.
Maria del Mar Corral will form the FHECOR’s Team as Project Leader, Ana Calero as the Construction Leader, Judith Gómez as the Safety Leader, Blanca Méndez as the Logistics Leader, Rodrigo Burgos as the Community Leader, and Tejani El Badouni as the alternate member of the team.
Furthermore, from @bridgesofprosperity and both located in Ruanda, we can find Godfrey Uwiringiyimana as the Corporate Engineer and Zhura Kajuga as the Corporate Liaison. Ken Gendron (Boston, USA) and Balint Penzes (London, UK) are the independent team members.
The Manager Mariale Rodriguez and the Coordinator Arnold Bugingo support this operation from the East Africa B2P Organization.
Finally, we are pleased to have 20 local builders within our team that will make our project a reality.
We are grateful for this unique opportunity to collaborate with B2P this year.

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