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cortesía de @CCLEXpressway
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Last 27th April, the Cebu cable-stayed bridge was inaugurated. This bridge is the longest in the Philippines, with 650 meters in length and a central span of 390 meters. The deck is 27 meters wide and supported by a single line of cables on its central axis. The value of the works adds up to 380M€.

Furthermore, the works have also included several viaducts and a 5.2 km long roadway with embankments. This bridge aims to relieve the traffic congestion between Cebu and the international airport of Mactan.

FHECOR has carried out an independent check of the main cable-stayed bridge and all the bridges included in this project.

This region is characterized by a high risk of typhoons and earthquakes, so the design and size of the bridge have been a challenge with technical and logistical complexities during its construction.

The project has been financed and promoted by the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway Corp (CCLEC). The design of the bridges has been drafted by CARLOS FERNANDEZ CASADO, S.L. (CFCSL), and SENER. ACCIONA carried out the construction in J.V. with First Balfour and D.M. CONSUNJI, INC (DMCI)