President Zapatero inaugurates Terminal 4


The airport will be able to deal with 70million passengers yearly against the current 35 million.

The new installations include a new commercial area which is more than 24,000m2 in size.

President Zapatero has inaugurated the new Terminal in Barajas. T4 will concentrate more than 60% of the total air traffic in the Madrilenian Airport, which will duplicate its operative capacity and so placing it in the fourth position at European level regarding number of flights.

Initially the inauguration of the new terminal, which supposed an investment of around €6,200 million, was foreseen for 29 January, but the Spanish Airports Authority (AENA), put it off until the 5 February in a ‘common agreement’ between the airline companies affected by the change of plans so it would not coincide with the close of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR).

In this sense, the President, has been in charge to officially inaugurate the new Barajas, along with the AENA authorities and a string of business people from the airline sector, in an act which included a visit around the new terminal and to the boarding area. Nevertheless, the airline companies shall not begin operations until Sunday.

In his speech, Zapatero classified the new Barajas as a “fundamental engine” in the Spanish economy and invited the autonomic and local institutions to participate in its management.

Zapatero recognized the “collective effort” of distinct Governments, which had made the new T4 possible, and both the President of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre and the Mayor, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón vindicated the labor fulfilled in this Project by the Executives of José María Aznar.

Specifically, Aguirre and Ruiz-Gallardón vindicated the labor fulfilled by the governments of José María Aznar in his management and start up. "It is only fair to recognize Francisco Álvarez Cascos (previous Minister of Public Works with the Popular Party), as I know the efforts he made to advance this amazing project”. Said Aguirre.

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