On June 10, we signed with the General Directorate of Roads, in UTE FHECOR INGENIEROS CONSULTORES, S.A. - VSING INNOVA 2016, S.L., the contract for the DRAFTING OF THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF THE THIRD LANE OF THE A-4 HIGHWAY. SECTION : CONNECTION WITH SE-40 - CONNECTION WITH AP-4 IN DOS HERMANAS (SEVILLA) with an execution term of 18 months.

The works will consist of the drafting and preparation of the necessary documents to define in detail the works to be carried out to increase the capacity of the A-4 highway with a third lane between the junction with the SE-40 ring road and the junction with the AP-4 and N-4/A-4 freeways.

One of the most important aspects of the project are the structures of the section, which are formed by the viaduct of the Lower Guadalquivir Canal with a maximum span of 36 m and a single isostatic span and six overpasses with spans of about 31 meters.

This new award adds to FHECOR's extensive experience in this type of work, with contracts with the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility (former Ministry of Public Works) for more than 25 years.