The Bridge Pavilion will break yet another record


The neighbors on the Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas and those who enter and leave daily on this route to go to work shall have, as from today, a direct access to it which shall reduce congestion on the aforementioned carriageway.

After months of works, the intersection of the CV-35 with the northern beltway shall today come into service with the presence of the councilor for Infrastructure, José Ramón García Antón, and the Mayoress, Rita Barberá.

This Project will allow the Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas to reduce its volume of traffic by some 30% so reducing traffic flow from 140,000 to 100,000 vehicles daily.

But this Project shall be completed with the construction of a tunnel between the Avenida Maestro Rodrigo and General Avilés. This underpass shall help to solve the passing of vehicles which opt to take Maestro Rodrigo as the roadway to enter the city.

The Council for Infrastructures is drafting a Project, and the technicians calculate the works shall be ready to begin next year.

This tunnel shall complete the link Project with the northern beltway, which is the ring-road which circles the city. This project will allow an effective redistribution of traffic; it was explained by sources from the Council of Infrastructures yesterday.

Improvement in the Avenida del Cid

The placing into service of this beltway shall not only decongest the Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas, but also the main entrance road to Valencia, the Avenida del Cid. Motorists shall be able to avoid this saturated entrance and use the beltway and its link to the CV-30. This project is prepared so that motorists may save time and avoid jams, explained the people from Infrastructures.

The vehicles which drive on the northern beltway coming from the A-3 may connect up to the CV-35 via the CV-31 and will save more than a kilometer’s drive. The same for those who do the drive from the other direction.

This Project has meant an investment of €32 million. Initially it was to have been done in two phases, in the first they were to construct two lanes and in the second phase, to be done years later, a further two lanes were to be added. However, the technicians, after studying the needs of this carriageway, decided to execute the two phases at the same time to guarantee a better service.
The Town hall has pointed out on numerous occasions that this Project would be fundamental to improve the traffic conditions in the city and overall, after the construction of the new stadium which was to be erected in the Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas.

The majority of the neighbors who live in the area are worried about the construction of the stadium as they are afraid that each time there is a football match there will be traffic jams. The Town Hall, for this specific reason, insists that the placing into service of the northern beltway will contribute to traffic improvement.

At the same time the Traffic Authorities are working to improve the access ways with the construction of new tunnels. The most immediate is the extension of the underpass on General Avilés.

The motorists will soon get used to the new carriageway and the intersections which will open up, and what they want is, for once and for all, for the traffic jams to disappear on the Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas and overall at rush hour.

In the last few months many accidents have taken place, so congesting the entrances to the city for hours.

The General Director for Public Works highlighted that 90,000 of the 150,000 vehicles which circulate daily would use the new roadway and stated that there would have been important congestions and retentions if the new intersection had been done directly from the Cortes Valencianas to the new stretch.

The autonomous representative stated that the extension project of the V-30 would be finished shortly would be sent to the Minister of Public Works for its subsequent execution. The project contemplates the increase to three lanes of both carriageways and the extension of all the bridges over the stretch as was done with the Torrent Motorway.

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