The new Cuatrovientos Bridge will double the length and width of the current one


Finally the two lanes shall be maintained in each direction and the pavements shall be increased from 3 to 4 meters in width.

The Preliminary Project shall be now presented to the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation which should give it the go ahead.

The new Cuatrovientos Bridge will double the length and width of the current one located on Guipúzcoa Avenue. Against the 14.70m wide which the current bridge now has (4 lanes and two pavements) the new one, which shall be constructed as continuation of the carriageway and will also substitute the one on Guipúzcoa Avenue, shall be 27m wide (two 4-meter pavements, 14m for the four lanes, a 3m central reservation and 2m shared between 4 crash barriers).

The length of the new bridge shall also double the existing, which was 65m in 1789 and later extended in 1967, as the new one shall total 150m in length, with a main span of 121m.
Two representatives of the winning companies, the civil engineers; Santiago Sainz de los Terreros (Sertecna), and José Romo Martín (Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores), presented the Preliminary Project of this bridge in the Town Hall yesterday, which will also include the new roundabout which shall substitute the existing Cuatrovientos one and the link carriageway which in the future, shall complete the carriageway which shall substitute the current Guipúzcoa Avenue, so becoming pedestrian.

The Preliminary Project shall now be brought before the Hydrographic Confederation for its go ahead before the Execution Project may be drafted, although for the moment, a construction date is yet to be set.

Wider pavements

Since Sertecna and Fhecor presented their winning idea, more than six months ago, the design has barely changed. “We have only increased the pavements from 3 to 4 meters to offer them a greater presence”, explained Sainz de los Terreros yesterday. Apart from that, the two lanes on each carriageway have been maintained, although initially it was thought to include a third.

The bridge shall also maintain its slenderness thanks to a single span deck which is only 1.20m in depth, which will cross the River Arga at a height of 5.0m. The two large triangular pylons, which shall also act as a gateway to the city, have neither been modified. The illumination of the bridge shall be done employing ‘LEDs’ on the handrails and on the edges of the pylons.

The writers also disclosed a few aspects of the new Cuatrovientos Roundabout. It is known that it will be approximately 55m x 43m. In addition, there have been two proposals. One in which the current bridge is maintained over the railway tracks, and another with a new carriageway composed of two lanes in each direction, plus a central reservation and pavements.

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