The Government of Tenerife has approved the start of the bidding procedure for the construction of the footbridge over the ‘Padre Anchieta’ roundabout in La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain.

Currently, the dense pedestrian traffic at the crosswalks that circle the roundabout affects the flow of vehicles in the interchange, causing traffic jams in the access from the TF-5 Highway. In 2018 the Government of Tenerife held an international contest to design an alternative pedestrian crossing to improve safety for both people and vehicles in the interchange.

The proposal by FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores won the competition and we delivered the Detailed Design Project in 2019. Our proposed solution will consist of a ring-shaped elevated footbridge connecting the urban areas, the university buildings, and the intermodal transit hub near the roundabout. Several ramps, meeting the latest accessibility requirements, will provide access to the ring. The circumferential shape of the footbridge will provide visual dynamism to Padre Anchieta’s roundabout and its surrounding urban landscape.

The FHECOR team is very proud of having delivered this unique project and we are looking forward to seeing it constructed.