The European @HyperloopWeek starts today and @Fhecor and @Zeleros have something special to share with you!
Mark your calendars: Thursday 22nd July at 10.00am CEST. Take this as a sneak peek for what’s coming!

Hyperloop is the new mode of transport, a new paradigm in sustainable mobility to connect cities and logistic hubs in a matter of minutes. The development of the technologies has quickly evolved during the last 6 years since the first whitepaper from Elon Musk was published, with lots of new concepts and ideas being showcased to the public. But sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between what’s a dream and what’s a reality. With this video, a sneak peek of the cooperation between Fhecor and Zeleros, both companies shed light to some of the frequently misunderstood concepts so society can better understand the idea behind hyperloop.