The public bidding procedure for ‘Pago de Enmedio’ Viaducts works in Sevilla, Spain, has been published by the Andalusian Government. The total budget of this new access road to the city is around €23.4 million, and the works are expected to last 3 years.
The Viaducts are indeed two pairs of twin bridges, which are 590 m and 178 m long. The design is the result of a previous optioneering process, which focused on the transparency and permeability of the structure and its integration in the future urban grid, but respecting budget constraints.
The maximum span of the Viaducts is 44 m and their width is variable, adapting to the number of road lanes and junctions. The constant depth deck is made of post-tensioned concrete and consists of an in-situ box-section and precast cantilevers with concrete struts. Piers have been designed with a rhomboidal cross section and two shafts in order to avoid massive elements and provide free space under the bridge.
FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores developed the optioneering process and the Detail Design of the Viaducts, which are estimated to benefit more than 100.000 inhabitants and commuters from Sevilla and the nearby towns.

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