Dolphinarium Stands Roof. Costa Adeje Aqualand

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España

Structural typology: MEMBRANE STRUCTURES
Date: December, 1998
Owner: Octopus Park
Scope: detailed design and construction support

The roof built over the existing stands of the dolphinarium in Tenerife has a covered surface area of 2,300m2 with a 15.0m overhang. The main condition required for the project was to build the roof without interrupting the day-to-day functioning of the Park.

The roof structure consists of five beams with a circular cross section made of epoxy fiberglass, fixed to already existing concrete pillars. Each beam is stiffened by an upper and a lower cable, for pressure and suction purposes, respectively.

Furthermore, between beam and beam, a Kevlar suction cable is placed which provides double curvature to the membrane, allowing suction control.

At the end of the overhang, the beams are connected by means of a perimetrical cable which reduces deformations caused by wind. This cable is held by two masts anchored to two cables which transfer the load to the foundations.

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