Proposal for removal of pottery kiln in Zubiate

Date: July, 2012
Owner: Iniciativa privada de traslado.
Scope: Project proposal for relocation of structure

In May 2002, the possibility of moving an old pottery kiln from Escoriaza (Guipúzcoa) to the other side of the river Deba was considered, as this structure happened to be protected and, therefore, entitled to special treatment according to the legislation of the Basque government concerning such matters.

The reason why this removal was taken into consideration was the future construction of some flats on the plot that accommodated the oven, narrowly surrounded by buildings.

Once different options as, for example, to disassemble the oven and reassemble it in its new place, had been ruled out, the project for the removal of the structure was begun. It offered two possible solutions: the use of wagons or the construction of a mobile gantry crane on rails. This solution was finally chosen.

Regarding structure, a micropiled bedding was chosen as it would allow to set a reinforced slab on its inner side which would constitute the final foundation slab.

Regarding transportation, a big slab, slightly vertically post-tensioned in order to assure cohesion during transport, was proposed.

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