Pedestrian Bridge over Segre River I

Balaguer, Lleida, España

Structural typology: PEDESTRIAN BRIDGES
Date: August, 2000
Owner: Ayuntamiento de Balaguer
Construction: Sorigue S.A.
Scope: detailed design and construction support

The construction of this pedestrian footbridge over the River Segre in Balaguer has been solved in a most economic and, at the same time, structurally very efficient way. It consists of a pre-stressed beam of two spans of 46,60 m and a T-beam cross section of 5,00 m width, made up of a central rib of 0,50 m width and very slender cantilevers of 2,25 m at each side. The cantilevers that constitute the flanges of the T-beam vary their position in height along the span.

At abutments, these flanges are located in the middle of the web, in the centre of the span they are placed in the upper part and at the pier in the lower part. The height variation between these three points describes a parabolic line. Thus, regarding structure, the T-beam cross section is defined in an optimum way in every transversal section

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