La Zarzuela interchange footbridge

Madrid, España

Date: Juillet, 1996
Maîtrise d'ouvrage: Ministro de Fomento
Constructeur: ute ocp- auxini
Mission: detailed design and construction support

The Zarzuela Junction is located on the M-40 belt motorway, over the El Pardo motorway and the River Manzanares, connecting the M-40 and M-30 belt motorways with the El Pardo motorway. Concentrated in a very small area, there are 2,247,20 metres of viaducts and bridges and 32,760 m2 of structures.

The pedestrian footbridge described had to be compatible, in form and shape, with the remaining structures. The adopted solution is a horseshoe-shaped footbridge. It has nine spans (10,00 + 15,00 + 15,00 + 19,90 + 29,80 + 19,90 + 15,00 + 15,00 + 10,00 m long). On each side, the first three spans and 4/5 of the fourth one are made of reinforced concrete. The last 1/5 of the fourth span and the main span are pre-stressed. The main span is curved and has variable depth.

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