Universidad Europea de Canarias

Oratava, Tenerife, España

Structural typology: EDUCATIONAL BUILDINGS
Date: January, 2013
Owner: Universidad Europea de Madrid
Scope: detailed design
Architect: isabelino martin arquitectura

In an urban environment, on the edge of the Historical Centre of Villa de La Orotava, in the north of Tenerife, in a residual space to the east of Plaza del V. Centenary and of the complex of San Agustín ... complex attached to the Church of San Agustín, 17th century, in a large existing hollow, with a hard topography, it has been proposed to the Isabelino Martin y Asociados Arquitectos studio to develop the first of the areas designated for the future development of the university equipment of the city that contemplates the Master Plans PD-A-10 and 11 assigned by the Special Plan for the Protection of the Historical Centre (PEPCH).