Liquid Natural Gas tanks

Mugardos, La Coruña, España

Structural typology: HYDRAULIC STRUCTURES
Date: December, 2007
Owner: Reganosa
Construction: Acciona
Scope: detailed design

Storage tanks are a significant part of any LNG project cost. There are several basic designs including single containment (with an inner container made of 9% Ni steel able to withstand cryogenic temperatures), double containment (in which an outer container made of concrete provides a second barrier to contain the leaks), and full containment tanks (in which an outer layer made of pre-stressed concrete completely encases the tank to provide a second containment system.)

FHECOR Ingenerios Consultores designed two double containment tanks with a capacity of 150.000 m3 according to API620 standard, for a LNG storage installation in Mugardos (La Coruña, Spain). In addition, all the foundations and structures related to the process plant were also designed by FHECOR.

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