B2P - Monte Verde Footbridge

Palacagüina, Nicaragua

Structural typology: PEDESTRIAN BRIDGES
Date: May, 2017
Owner: Alcadia de Palacagüina
Construction: Fhecor - B2P - Comunidad de Monte Verde
Scope: detailed design and construction monitoring

Five FHECOR volunteers were chosen to be part of the team that traveled to Central America for the construction of this footbridge, which serves a rural area and avoid the isolation of many neighboring communities in the rainy season. With this footbridge, hundreds of people are able to cross the river, safely, to go to the doctor, markets or schools; that would otherwise pose a risk to their lives. This project has activated the social and economic development of the area.

With this project, FHECOR became the first Spanish engineering company to collaborate with B2P. Circumstance that encourages us to disseminate and share the experience with other companies in our working field, to turn it into the first of many other collaborative projects that will come from now and we hope several Spanish companies could actively collaborate.

For this project, FHECOR participated as sponsor, contributing 25000£ (GBP) for the development of the project and materials, additionally to contributing with 5 members of its staff to the team, who took part of the building of this suspension bridge for 2 weeks of work (one of these weeks, is donated by FHECOR volunteers of their holidays). In addition to this, FHECOR provided information, training, provision of PPE, T-shirts, canvas, etc.

The project consisted on the construction of a footbridge in Monte Verde, Nicaragüa. It serves the communities of Monte Verde and La Curena, located near the city of Palacagüina in the region of Madriz. The footbridge crosses the Estelí River close to where a previous structure existed but which collapsed last year due to the erosion caused in the rainy season by the strong currents and the displacement of rocks and trees. Since then, two people have disappeared and many others have been injured attempting to cross this mighty river that can reach more than 6 meters deep.

This is a mountainous region where there are more than 500 farms and ranches. On the left there are the schools, the health center and the means of transportation to reach the main cities of Palacagüina and Condega. Farmers on the right side of the river had virtually impossible access to means of transport needed to market their products before they are spoiled and that is why their economies were directly affected. In addition to this they could not even reach the medical or education center.

After finishing and inaugurating, last May 12th, the footbridge benefits about 5800 people and provides them with both safety and greater opportunities.

For more information and a detailed follow-up of the day-to-day work and progress of this collaborative project you can access the blog prepared for this purpose on the web www.madrid4madriz.com.

Below is the extract of the gala where the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Award 2017 by Madrid"s Demarcation - is given to the M4M project. The full content of the ceremony is accessible on the web: www.caminosmadrid.es

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