B2P - Footbridge over the Puka Mayu

Tarvita, Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Date: Juin, 2019
Maîtrise d'ouvrage: Alcadia de Tarvita
Constructeur: Fhecor - COWI - Sumitomo Mitsui Construction - B2P
Mission: detailed design and construction monitoring

Fhecor participated in the construction of a footbridge in the municipality of Tarvita, a small isolated town in Bolivia. The footbridge cross the Puka Mayu river, connecting two halves of the town which are separated by the river.

For the third time, Fhecor collaborated with the NGO Brides To Prosperity, financing and providing five volunteers to realize the project. The volunteers resided in Tarvita for two weeks during the construction of the footbridge and working side by side with locals.

This footbridge is located near the school, serving the 220 school aged children, who cross daily to access the sports center of Tarvita, on the other side of the river. Although most of the year, the water level is low and it is possible to cross the river, in the rainy season, it becomes too risky, if not impossible. In addition, the Puka Mayu footbridge provides secure access throughout the year to more than 600 inhabitants of the community to various services, giving more opportunities to improve the situation of poverty in the town.

The experience has also served as a cultural exchange with the community. The volunteers carried out activities in primary and secondary school and even participated in a small football league.

For more information about the day-to-day work and progress of this collaborative project, you can access the blog prepared for this purpose on the web http://pukamayu.org/blog.

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