Verallias’s silos building

Telde, Gran Canaria, España

Structural typology: INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES
Date: September, 2018
Owner: Vidrieras Canarias S.A.
Scope: auscultation and diagnosis

Inspection and diagnosis works of the concrete structure of Verallia’s Silos in Telde, Gran Canaria, has been recently entrusted to FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores. The building stores different materials needed for the whole manufacture process of glass packaging for food and beverages.

The purpose of these works is the estimation of the lifespan of the structure and the strategies required to maximize it. In order to provide a complete and global view of the current condition of the structure, FHECOR has already carried out its visual inspection and concrete sampling and testing.

Taking into account the considerable dimensions of the building, when it comes to the inspection, and especially the core extraction in the inside and the façades of the storage silos, rope access works were required, so FHECOR counted on Confhydra’s collaboration, company which has great experience in this kind of work.

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