Aristides Pereira International Airport Cargo Terminal

Boa Vista, Cabo Verde

Structural typology: AIRPORTS
Date: February, 2010
Owner: AENA
Scope: detailed design

The new Cargo Terminal is formed by a perimeter wall built of concrete walls and rectangular concrete block walls enclosing a covered central area, which acts as a loading and unloading dock and offices, and two covered side areas for offices , maintenance and warehouse.

The resistant structure of the central metal roof consists of trusses separated every 9.00 meters, which support on reinforced concrete pillars with rectangular section of 0.60x0.60 m in all the porticos except in the front that are circular of 0.90 m in diameter; said pillars are considered embedded in the footings.

The perimeter wall of concrete blocks has been designed with buttresses every 5 meters, armed with the same blocks, to give it resistance against the action of the wind.

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