Los Madrazo Street Refurbishment

Madrid, España

Date: December, 2019
Owner: Atalaya Zorrilla Madrazo
Construction: Espirea
Scope: detailed design and construction monitoring
Architect: Ruiz Barbarín Arquitectos

Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores has participated in the rehabilitation of Buildings number 6, 8, 8P and 10 of Los Madrazo Street, redacting a technical due diligence report, defining the detailing project and carrying out the construction management of structures.

In the basement and ground floor of buildings 6, 8P and 10 the structure of the building has been adapted for use as a commercial space. Openings have been generated for elevators, new communication stairs, passages to connect the basements of the three buildings. In addition, actions have been carried out to guarantee structural safety in the elements that have been affected by humidity, oxidation ...

In the residential floors, located in buildings 6, 8 and 10, actions have been carried out to improve their distribution, openings in floors for the shunts and modifications to the roof to house the facilities.

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