Chlor Alkali Electrolysis Tarragona (CATAR2)

La Canonja, Tarragona, España

Structural typology: INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES
Date: December, 2021
Scope: Structural Engineering and Facultative Management

Structural engineering project of foundations and upper structures as well as the Facultative Management along the execution of the works of a new chlorine production plant owned by COVESTRO, which is at the same time a subsidiary of the chemical and pharmaceutical group Bayer.

The plant will be constructed in the town of La Canonja, near Tarragona. The estimated execution budget is around 200 million euros. There is a sum of 16 process buildings and 8 pipe racks located in a plot of 40.000 m2.

Chlorine is required to produce around two-thirds of all the polymers, but it does not happen in nature in its pure form, and it is only found on chemical compound like the rock salt.

The chlorine is manufactured from a brine solution (water + salt) that after an electrolysis process provides molecular chlorine, hydrogen and caustic soda. All these products, once divided, take part of the raw material used in other chemical industries (plastic manufacturing, solvents, medicines, disinfectant, etc.).

The electrolysis process requires a significant amount of energy. This specific plant uses an innovative technology based on oxygen depolarized cathode that reduce power consumption on a 25%.

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