Hauterive Bridge

Friburgo, Suiza

Date: Mars, 2020
Maîtrise d'ouvrage: Cantón de Friburgo
Mission: tender design

Building a high viaduct over a river valley is one of the frequent challenges for the bridge engineer. In the case of the Hauterive bridge, the existence of a contaminated area located in the meander of the Sarine river and the environmental protection area of ​​the river itself required the construction of two 150m main spans. The solution that was proposed to the competition is a concrete lintel built by successive cantilevers in which mass has been removed from the deck where not necessary. Thus, part of the lintel mass has been eliminated and the area of ​​pile-deck connection of the main spans has been significantly lightened, reducing this area to a triangulation of concrete slabs that resolve forces transmission between both elements.

The solution is therefore an evolution of the classic deck built by successive overhangs towards a more transparent and light system. A novel bridge in terms of resistance but at the same time a classic bridge in its formalization.

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