Swimming pool roof in the Colombo shopping center

Structural typology: HYBRID
Date: June, 1997
Owner: SONAE
Construction: Contratista principal Comercial Marítima. Estructura metálica FAMECA.
Scope: Detail Design

The roof on the Colombo Shopping Center, which covers a La 3,100.00 m2 surface area, was built over an existing swimming pool. The main project requisite was for the structure to be easily dismantled.

Said structure is made up of frames which are composed of an upper cable (pressure) and a lower cable (suction) and a central shore. The cables are anchored to masts which are stayed to the existing structure. Each cable framework covers a span of 15.00m.

To be able to assemble and dismantle the structure by hand, the central shore was constructed employing fiber glass with an epoxy matrix.

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