Rehab. of Nº6 in the Salustiano Olózaga St.

Date: July, 2009
Owner: Inversiones Casado del Alisal, S.A.
Construction: COMSA
Scope: Detail Design and Technical Support

The building is located at Nº6 in the Calle Salustiano de Olózaga in Madrid and dates back to the 19th Century and is a perfect example of the noble construction of this period: Load-bearing walls composed of a framework of studs and sleepers, braced with masonry brickwork and lime mortar. These walls were normally arranged parallel to the main façade, acted as supports to the wooden joist flooring which made up the five floors of the building.

This is a global structural rehabilitation Project which in its first phase will stabilize and reinforce the structure on grade with a steel framework and in a second phase will excavate the building below grade so as to obtain three levels of car parking. The process will consist of micro-piling a slab on the first floor which will receive the loads from the building above grade and then consequently excavate the building below grade level.

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