Study of the “Palacio Foral” building structure in Bizkaia

Bizkaia, Bilbao, España

Date: March, 2011
Owner: Diputación Foral de Bizkaia
Scope: diagnosis and intervention start up

At the beginning of spring 2000 while working on the rehabilitation of the elegant Regional Palace owned by the Bizkaia Regional Deputation, CONSTRUCCIONES AMENABAR encountered broken lintels, deformed cornices and deteriorated, out of plumb, pinnacles on the last floor of the building.

At the request of CONSTRUCCIONES AMENABAR, FHECOR Consulting Engineers elaborated a detailed report on the structural diagnosis and proposed plan of action.

After examining the structure carefully and in great detail, it was concluded that the corrosion generated by steel profiles acting as lintel-joists, had produced the expansion that finally led to the fracture of the stone elements, aforementioned.

The rather daring solution consisted in removing these steel profiles and taking advantage of the possibilities of resistance of the stone lintels and the concrete elements (with rustproof reinforcement) which were set into the gaps left by the profiles.

All operations included wooden scaffolding made by CONSTRUCCIONES AMENABAR and were performed under strict control and constant supervision by FHECOR Consulting Engineers.

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