Bridge Management System for Xunta de Galicia

Galicia, Spain

Date: December, 2010
Scope: main inspections inventory

FHECOR in a joint venture along with INTEMAC has developed the implantation of a Management System for Over and Underpass Works in the Road Network for the regional Government of Galicia.

A Management System is a tool to take decisions regarding the conservation of bridges which allows the evaluation of safety and the state of conservation of over and underpasses by employing indexes of objective damages, assuring the level of performance and safety to the user without foreseeable risk in the short term and optimizing the economic resources, prioritizing objectively in time the conservational interventions.

The field Works have consisted in the fulfillment of an inventory and main inspection of the 1,072 structures based on a catalogue of damages adapted to the over and underpasses from the RAEG. The inspection reports detail the damages observed in each structure and state an "Index of Damage", which is a scale when
greater the number worse the state of the structure. This is obtained pondering the seriousness of the damages observed along with the importance of the element affected. This takes into consideration the structural safety, durability, service behavior, user safety, scour levels, etc.

The cabinet Works have centered on improvements in the computer application and its handbook, the XOPA connection with the RAEG visual catalogue (CatVis), the training of personnel from the Administration and the development of a computer application for the management of special vehicle passage.

The first results of the management systems were the fulfillment, by different special inspection and repair Project consultants, some already finished, on structures where the need for intervention was decidedly urgent.

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