Main inspections of structures on M45/M501

Madrid, España

Date: December, 2012
Scope: Main Inspections

A series of main inspections have been carried out mainly on structures on stretch 1 on the M45 motorway and on the Ruta de los Pantanos (The Reservoirs Route). The main inspections are fulfilled periodically and do not require special measures. They consist of a visual evaluation of the damages, its diagnosis and an analysis of future deterioration associated to the damages observed. These main inspections require personnel who have a deep knowledge of materials, structures and construction history and who are headed towards a solid management of our heritage, so that future investments may be placed in those areas where they are absolutely needed.

The results of the main inspections are gathered together in a Report, in which each of the structures is characterized in a “Global Index of Gravity”. This index is obtained from the level of seriousness the damaged element may suffer and the importance of said element. The Global Index thus corresponds to the number of important elements which suffer considerable damages in the structure in question. Depending on the result of the inspection, which is stated in the ‘Global Index of Gravity’, the measures to be followed are decided, which may be a further check in the next main inspection or the fulfillment of a special inspection.

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